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Establishment of Foundation

Association of Air Transport Engineering and Research (ATEC) is one of the public foundations in aviation society in Japan and was established on September 13, 1989 based upon contributions from major air carriers in Japan namely Japan Air Lines, All Nippon Airways and Japan Air Systems. The foundation is a non-profit organization under the supervision of Civil Aviation Bureau of Japan. The current supporting members of the foundation are shown in the next page


Objectives of Foundation

Our primary objectives is to contribute to the flight safety and enhancement of any activities toward improvement and/or development in the flight operation and maintenance. Generally, the flight safety includes all elements of design, manufacturing, operation, maintenance, servicing and infrastructure support that affect safe accomplishment of the flight mission. However, our foundation now centers on research and development activities on the engineering aspects of flight operation, aircraft maintenance as well as the relevant operation and airworthiness regulations. Besides the above, to disseminate flight safety information and to exchange information with organizations in other countries are also among our activities.
Through those activities, enhancing the flight safety and effective operation in the air transport is our major role.


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